How the Etching is Done!

Often, when someone looks at my sterling silver jewelry, they ask “How do you get the pattern onto the silver?” Honestly, it has been a bit of trial and error, but I have landed on a method, I believe, brings you the best results. It allows for fine lines, lovely mandala patterns, and a bit of delight! Once I have completed a mandala drawing, I will scan it into the computer so that it can be reduced in size to fit the jewelry style I am working on for a particular jewelry… Read More

Why Dutch Delft Blue?

Inspiration behind my Dutch Delft Blue Silver Jewelry collection

The inspiration behind the colors Blue has always been one of my favorite colors. The blue of the sky, the oceans, and nature’s bounty, but this particular blue, for my lampwork glass cabochon settings, has much more significance. I am calling it “Dutch Delft Blue”! You see, my parents met during WW2 on a farm in the Netherlands.  They fell in love and were married. Shortly after, they immigrated to the US and became American citizens. But their Dutch roots always remained. The blue of the cabochons in this jewelry collection are… Read More