How the Etching is Done!

Often, when someone looks at my sterling silver jewelry, they ask “How do you get the pattern onto the silver?” Honestly, it has been a bit of trial and error, but I have landed on a method, I believe, brings you the best results. It allows for fine lines, lovely mandala patterns, and a bit of delight! Once I have completed a mandala drawing, I will scan it into the computer so that it can be reduced in size to fit the jewelry style I am working on for a particular jewelry… Read More

The Meaning Behind the Mandala

You may have heard me say it before, but I really did not find my voice in my work until I started drawing my own mandalas to use as a part of my jewelry designs. I really feel like that was the point that my pieces took on a whole new meaning. Yet, there is more to it than that. The mandala is so full of history and significance. It is a composite work of art that combines patterns, symbolism, and meaning. The Different Meanings of a Mandala Although the literal meaning… Read More