A Personal Remembrance

Years from now you may pick up a piece of your jewelry and it will bring back a memory. Whether it is the memory of the fun you had when purchasing your new piece of jewelry or what the piece of jewelry represents to you. A beautiful friend of mine, Martha, approached me the other day with a request, to hold a memory even closer to her heart. Her first husband, the father of her children, died several years ago. Although there were pictures, she wanted something more for herself, and her… Read More

5 Tips for No Fuss Travel with Your Jewelry

Have you been hoping to get out and finally have that dream vacation?  Have you been looking over your jewelry collection to see what pieces will make your trip special? Should you take all your favorite pieces?  Since a lot of your jewelry has financial and emotional value, you may want to consider leaving those pieces at home. But if you do want to take them with you, follow some of these jewelry travel tips: String your chains through straws.  This will prevent them from getting tangled during travel.  It is easy… Read More