Choose Your Most Becoming Necklace!

You know that necklaces can truly enhance your style and look.  As an individual, you have your own tastes and preferences, but choosing the right necklace length can be a bit tricky! 

How the Etching is Done!

Often, when someone looks at my sterling silver jewelry, they ask “How do you get the pattern onto the silver?” Honestly, it has been a bit of trial and error, but I have landed on a method, I believe, brings you the best results. It allows for fine lines, lovely mandala patterns, and a bit of delight! Once I have completed a mandala drawing, I will scan it into the computer so that it can be reduced in size to fit the jewelry style I am working on for a particular jewelry… Read More

Caring for your Cindy Gentry Designs

Jewelry is for a lifetime, but how you care for your sterling silver jewelry can make all the difference in how it will look when you pull it out of your jewelry storage year after year.  Your designs from my studio are made of sterling silver, which, if not cared for, can tarnish, and take on a dark hue.  Not to worry! There is no reason to not to wear that piece of jewelry, it just needs some quick TLC! Here are some tips that can help you along the way! Wear… Read More

How to Look Fabulous in Your Earrings!

Are you ever challenged with picking out just the right pair of earrings?   You want to match your outfit but you also what the earrings to complement your face shape! Certain earring styles complement certain face shapes.  Always wear what makes you feel beautiful first, but earrings, being close to your face, can accentuate your facial structure to make you feel perfect! If you are still wondering what earrings are best for your face shape, here are a few tips just for you! Oval Shaped Face If you have an oval face… Read More

5 Tips on Being Realistic with Your Resolutions for Years to Come

Just like so many of us, this time of year has us thinking about setting goals for the new year.  Well, I must admit, I gave that up many years ago.  Yup!  No goals. Making goals that I can’t or don’t reach are just a way to create an unhappy mindset. No one likes that! What I do have, are “Intentions” for the New Year!  Having intentions to get something done, that are written down, offer direction, a course to follow, but also give you a more realistic opportunity to succeed. Here… Read More

Gifts From the Heart

Gifts of unique jewelry are gifts from the heart. It’s here! It’s here.  A Holiday Gift Guide to help you find the perfect gift of special jewelry for the women in your life. Jewelry is such a personal thing. It evokes joy and delight along with sparking of memories, we want to hold on to. In this Holiday Gift Guide you will find fun, colorful unique jewelry with just a bit of a spiritual vibe.   The perfect memorable gift for you to get and to give! Happy Holiday Season!

The Art of Lampwork Glass

The Lampwork Glass Bead: If you were to walk into my booth, at an art festival, on a beautiful sunny day, the first thing I would ask you is “Are you familiar with lampwork glass beads?”  Most would say “No!”.   I get a little excited when a visitor says no, because then I get to explain how it is done! How it is Done: The process of making a glass bead begins with heating glass rods, using a torch, until the glass becomes molten, then it is formed around a bead mandrel… Read More

The Meaning Behind the Mandala

You may have heard me say it before, but I really did not find my voice in my work until I started drawing my own mandalas to use as a part of my jewelry designs. I really feel like that was the point that my pieces took on a whole new meaning. Yet, there is more to it than that. The mandala is so full of history and significance. It is a composite work of art that combines patterns, symbolism, and meaning. The Different Meanings of a Mandala Although the literal meaning… Read More

Are You Sure of Your Ring Size?

Do you know how to determine your ring size

Determining your ring size can be puzzling, if you don’t have an actual ring sizer.  Since we are all shopping more online, these days, having to do it at home can be a bit daunting.  Here are some tips that can help you get that perfect ring, and in the right size! Some things to keep in mind A great way to start getting your ring size, is with a ring you already have, that fits you well.  Using that ring as a reference point for you.  But before you determine your… Read More