Tips to Help You on Your Jewelry Organization Journey!

With all this summer heat beating down on us it’s a great time to stay inside where it’s cool and comfy!  But what are you going to do all day inside?  Here is an idea, organize your jewelry so you are ready for next season!  You know you have been wanting to do it for a while, well, why not right now?

Here are a few tips to help you in this journey!

The first step is to take a real close look at what you have, and put them into three piles:

  • Repair – we all have those pieces of jewelry that are damaged or no longer fit.  If they are important to you, take them in and have them repaired so you can enjoy them for years to come.  If they are not important, put them in pile #2
  • Get rid of – these are jewelry pieces that you no longer love or don’t make you feel happy when you wear them!  It is time for them to go!  What do you do with jewelry?
    1. Donate it to a women’s organization, school art department, or thrift store.
    2. If you would rather not donate them, there is always eBay or other online opportunities for you to sell your jewelry.
  • Keep – these are the pieces that you love and wear regularly or have sentimental value.  Your fine jewelry and important pieces that you may not wear often but want to keep.

Now that you have things organized, this is a good time to clean your jewelry (Caring for your Cindy Gentry Designs) before putting them away. 

It is also a great time to rethink how you organize your jewelry.  Are you protecting your jewelry properly?  Are they in a cool, dry place? Are you storing it in a way your necklaces don’t get tangles?

You can use stackable plastic jewelry boxes, or drawstring jewelry bags to hold bulkier bracelets and necklaces, to keep them clean and safe. Drawer dividers or a jewelry pocket organizer on the back of a door may work better for you to keep your jewelry organized.  You can find all kinds of storage ideas on Amazon or Pinterest just as a starting point to get ideas!

Good for you!  You now have your jewelry cleaned out and organized.  Plus, you now have room for some new jewelry pieces!!  It’s a great time to shop Cindy Gentry Designs for just the right pop of color you might need!

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