So Many Things to Love About the Color Turquoise

When you look at my work, you know I am a big fan of the color Turquoise.  It is one of my favorites.  Plus, it goes with everything!  There are just so many things to love about turquoise!

Here are some of the reasons, I think, so many love the color turquoise:

A beautiful blending

It is a blend of the colors blue and green, both having some of the same cooling, calming attributes.  Blue is a relaxing color, reminiscent of the ocean, and the big, beautiful sky.  Green is a color of renewal, nature, and energy, associated with growth and the environment. 

Turquoise itself is said to offer protection, good fortune, and hope.

It Delights the Soul

Turquoise speaks to both head and heart.  It offers a rise in healthy emotions, some color psychology even suggests that turquoise both heals and controls our feelings, resulting in a gain of emotional stability and balance.  Perhaps just looking at your turquoise-colored jewelry can remind you to take care of your mental health and feel good!

Plays easily with others

Turquoise is a friendly, happy color.  Its radiant personality can add to many color pallets.  It combines well with grays and neutrals and sets off yellow, pinks, reds, and deep oranges. 

It also offers your wardrobe an excellent pop of color whether you’re dressed for business or dressing up a T-shirt and jeans.  A piece of turquoise-colored jewelry will make you feel great all year round.

With a new year upon us, it’s time to recenter ourselves and take on new challenges that may come our way.  Put on that piece of jewelry that makes you feel confident and embrace your new adventure!

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