How to Look Fabulous in Your Earrings!

Are you ever challenged with picking out just the right pair of earrings?   You want to match your outfit but you also what the earrings to complement your face shape!

Certain earring styles complement certain face shapes.  Always wear what makes you feel beautiful first, but earrings, being close to your face, can accentuate your facial structure to make you feel perfect!

If you are still wondering what earrings are best for your face shape, here are a few tips just for you!

Oval Shaped Face

If you have an oval face shape, you are a lucky one when it comes to earrings.  Almost any style earring looks fantastic on an oval face.

You can go with long or teardrop earrings, to enhance and balance the contours of your face, or with shorter earrings that will broaden your facial structure.

Earrings for you:

Round Shaped Face

Wearing longer, dangling earrings are a good choice for a round face shape.  This helps in elongating your face and bringing balance to it. 

Earrings for you:

Square Shaped Face

Go with Hoop earrings, drops, or rounded shape earrings.  They are your best choice and will make you look stunning!  They will help to balance out the angles on our face, giving you a softer look.

Earrings for you:

Heart-Shaped Face

Earrings that highlight the cheekbones can be very flattering on a heart-shaped face.  Wear dangle earrings that have a more rounded shape at the bottom, this can help reduce the angle around the chin and give your face a rounder shape. 

Earrings for you:

I want you to delight in wearing the right jewelry each time you put it on.  I do hope this guide has helped.

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