The Meaning Behind the Mandala

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You may have heard me say it before, but I really did not find my voice in my work until I started drawing my own mandalas to use as a part of my jewelry designs. I really feel like that was the point that my pieces took on a whole new meaning.

Yet, there is more to it than that. The mandala is so full of history and significance. It is a composite work of art that combines patterns, symbolism, and meaning.

The Different Meanings of a Mandala

Although the literal meaning of the word mandala is a circle, which is also the most common form. Behind that circle is a period of creativity and a deeper connection to the universe.

In Buddhism, the circle represents all the facets of human consciousness to which humans are bound to the cycle of rebirth.

In the Tibetan culture they believe that in nature, because we are born into a sphere (our earth), there are infinite mandala movements that we live and experiences, like flowers, snowflakes, tree trunks, and hurricanes.

When you look closely at mandalas, you will find its center with outreaching radiating patterns that represent one’s innermost potential and self-expression.

Religious traditions first come to mind when we think of the purpose of the mandala. Being used to create an enlightened state of mind. The symbol, being an aid in meditation, contemplated at will as a clear and vivid image supporting the meditating person.

Today’s mandalas are used in a variety of ways. In yoga practice representing the ancient ideals of signifying a sacred space to shut away external influences.

The Native Americans use mandalas in healing circles, for the restoration of the body, mind, and heart.

You may even have noticed the trend of coloring mandalas in our current culture which is a type of therapy. Michal Beaucaire writer of “The Art of Mandala Meditation” states in an interview this practice can actually color your fears away or color your inner strength.

The Personal Mandala

For me, drawing my mandalas for my jewelry designs puts me in my happy place. It gives me a sense of calm and balance. It fills me with delight and joy seeing the design come together. I believe it is because I must stop the world round me for a moment and concentrate just on that circular pattern, building from the inner circle to create something of interest and beauty. It is also a form of self-expression and defiantly therapeutic!

How to draw a personal mandala.  Your guide to drawing a personal mandala

Drawing a mandala is not difficult, you just need to let go and let it unfold. Give it a try with my “How to Draw a Personal Mandala” guide if you would like to feel its therapeutic power.

If you would just rather enjoy the fun of coloring a mandala, click here to download some of my original designs to color in yourself.  They are all free for you to use.

Mandala in jewelry.

Mandalas in Jewelry

Each piece of jewelry I create contains three elements; lampwork glass beads or cabochons, an original mandala embossed into the sterling silver, and the creation of the piece of jewelry. It is my intention that each piece will delight your soul each time you put it on, but perhaps there is just a bit more to it. Perhaps each piece of jewelry creates a special connection for you to your universe.

No matter what journey you are on, jewelry can enhance your feeling of delight, joy, and power as you project your desired look. Wearing a piece of Cindy Gentry Designs is your finishing touch!

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