Do you know how to determine your ring size

Are You Sure of Your Ring Size?

Determining your ring size can be puzzling, if you don’t have an actual ring sizer.  Since we are all shopping more online, these days, having to do it at home can be a bit daunting. 

Here are some tips that can help you get that perfect ring, and in the right size!

Some things to keep in mind

A great way to start getting your ring size, is with a ring you already have, that fits you well.  Using that ring as a reference point for you.  But before you determine your ring size there are a few things to consider:

  • Your knuckles! If your knuckles are on the big side, it is best to order a ring that is a half size bigger than what your finger indicates.  You want to make sure you can get it over your knuckle comfortably.
  • Time of day!  We are all a bit thinner in the morning than we are at night.  It is best to measure later in the day to be sure your ring will be comfy all day long.
  • Climate! Where you live can make a difference.  I live in south Texas where it is hot and humid in the summer.  My fingers swell in that kind of weather.  If you live in cooler climates your fingers may be a bit smaller on those cold nights!

Does your ring really fit properly?

Your rings should always fit comfortably.  They should be snug enough that they do not fall off but loose enough to slide off your finger and over your knuckle with relative ease.

You can easily tell that a ring is too tight if:

  • You’ve got a muffin top.  The extra skin that puffs out around the ring.
  • You can’t twist the ring round your finger.
  • You can’t get it off!!  Oh no!

Also keep in mind the wider the ring band the tighter it will fit your finger.  For a ring band over 5mm or 3/8 inch you may want to go a half size up.

How to measure your ring size

When using a ring that already fits you comfortably:

  • Measure the inside diameter of the ring that fits.
  • Be sure the new ring will be worn on the same finger and hand of the ring you are measuring.
  • Determine your size using this FREE Ring Size Guide.
  • Remember if you are choosing a ring that has a wider band go a half size bigger.

If you are purchasing the ring for another finger:

  • Use a piece of string, dental floss, or thin strip of paper
  • Wrap it round your finger.  It is a good idea to do this over your knuckle.
  • Mark the spot where the string overlaps
  • Line it up on a ruler and write down the measurement.  It is best to do this in millimeters.
  • Do this a couple of times during the day to see if the measurement changes
  • Go to my Free Ring Size Guide and determine your size.  Again, keep in mind the wider the band you may want to go a half size up.

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