5 Tips for No Fuss Travel with Your Jewelry

Have you been hoping to get out and finally have that dream vacation?  Have you been looking over your jewelry collection to see what pieces will make your trip special? Should you take all your favorite pieces? 

Since a lot of your jewelry has financial and emotional value, you may want to consider leaving those pieces at home. But if you do want to take them with you, follow some of these jewelry travel tips:

  • String your chains through straws.  This will prevent them from getting tangled during travel.  It is easy to do, and will save you time consuming struggles and frustration, when you are ready to get out and see the sights.

Us a pill box or jewelry travel bag to organize your jewelry: A pill box can be a great jewelry organizer.  They are inexpensive and sturdy.  You can even organize by day!  A soft sided travel organize works great too.  There are tons on Amazon.  I chose this style and have really enjoyed it.

  • Carry on all your jewelry: Always take your jewelry as a carry-on item.  Your luggage may get lost and not found!
  • Photograph your jewelry before you leave:  Just in case you lose some of your jewelry along the way and it is later found.  The photos will help prove that it is yours.
  • Only take what you absolutely need:  Take a few select pieces to use with several outfits. You will still be stylish while traveling the world and be able to leave your very precious pieces safe at home.

Whether you are mountain climbing, sightseeing, or heading to the beach, smart selection and care of your jewelry while traveling, will help you return with the same beautiful, undamaged jewelry you left home with.

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