Are You Sure of Your Ring Size?

Do you know how to determine your ring size

Determining your ring size can be puzzling, if you don’t have an actual ring sizer.  Since we are all shopping more online, these days, having to do it at home can be a bit daunting.  Here are some tips that can help you get that perfect ring, and in the right size! Some things to keep in mind A great way to start getting your ring size, is with a ring you already have, that fits you well.  Using that ring as a reference point for you.  But before you determine your… Read More

5 Tips for No Fuss Travel with Your Jewelry

Have you been hoping to get out and finally have that dream vacation?  Have you been looking over your jewelry collection to see what pieces will make your trip special? Should you take all your favorite pieces?  Since a lot of your jewelry has financial and emotional value, you may want to consider leaving those pieces at home. But if you do want to take them with you, follow some of these jewelry travel tips: String your chains through straws.  This will prevent them from getting tangled during travel.  It is easy… Read More