Caring for your Cindy Gentry Designs

Jewelry is for a lifetime, but how you care for your sterling silver jewelry can make all the difference in how it will look when you pull it out of your jewelry storage year after year.  Your designs from my studio are made of sterling silver, which, if not cared for, can tarnish, and take… Read More

How to Look Fabulous in Your Earrings!

Are you ever challenged with picking out just the right pair of earrings?   You want to match your outfit but you also what the earrings to complement your face shape! Certain earring styles complement certain face shapes.  Always wear what makes you feel beautiful first, but earrings, being close to your face, can accentuate your… Read More

Gifts From the Heart

Gifts of unique jewelry are gifts from the heart. It’s here! It’s here.  A Holiday Gift Guide to help you find the perfect gift of special jewelry for the women in your life. Jewelry is such a personal thing. It evokes joy and delight along with sparking of memories, we want to hold on to…. Read More


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About Me

“Cindy Gentry Designs was born out of my love of working with my hands. It has been with me all my life, just not always utilized.

I delight in living and creativity. Both bring me great joy.” “by Cindy

As a child I was driven to create with my hands. I loved working with clay, painting, fabrics, all sorts of materials. Always inspired by the nature around me, its colors and shapes giving way to more ideas.

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