Ever wonder: Can you wash a Polishing Cloth?

Many of you know I giveaway a small polishing cloth with each piece of jewelry you purchase.  Sterling silver does tarnish, so to keep your jewelry beautiful you do need to clean it on occasion. You may have noticed that your polishing cloth, gets dark and, well, grungy looking after a while.  So, I was… Read More

Perfect Periwinkle Pairings

Dynamic Periwinkle blue called “Very Peri” is Pantone’s color of the year. According to Pantone, blending the faithfulness and constancy of blue with the energy and excitement of its undertones of red, provides the happy hues of carefree confidence and daring curiosity.  It helps to embrace our new landscape of possibilities. In the fashion world,… Read More

2022 The Year of Glass

Did you know that 2022 has been recognized as the International Year of Glass by the United Nations General Assembly? From the Romans and their history of glassmaking which dates back at least 3,600 years ago, through to the high-tech innovation of today, glass has always been by our sides as part of civilization, science,… Read More


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About Me

“Cindy Gentry Designs was born out of my love of working with my hands. It has been with me all my life, just not always utilized.

I delight in living and creativity. Both bring me great joy.” “by Cindy

As a child I was driven to create with my hands. I loved working with clay, painting, fabrics, all sorts of materials. Always inspired by the nature around me, its colors and shapes giving way to more ideas.

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